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The Kinghan Mission was founded in 1857 by John Kinghan, a teacher in the Ulster Society for the Promotion of the Education of the Deaf and the Blind in Belfast. He realised that Deaf people had no Church where they could worship God and be taught the Gospel in their own language. He started a small mission to the Deaf and eventually in 1872, and after the princely sum of £722 5s 41/2 d was gathered a hall was built in Sandy Row. It was called the Bethel and where it stood is now an Apartment complex.

In 1990 a new Christian Centre for the Deaf was built on the Botanic Avenue site at a cost of £575,000. Funding for the rebuilding came from Churches, Church groups and friends of the Kinghan Church- the total amount was raised within 4 years! The focal point of the new centre is the ground floor church, this has been especially designed to meet the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people. A spacious recreation hall, now known as 'The George Grindle Hall', and kitchen facilities are on the first floor, and are used by various groups both within and without the Church.

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